Thursday 1 November 2012

Scape's Museum of Horrors 2012!! Are you dared enough for it?

Thanks to Darren Sim, I won a ticket to attend Scape's Museum of Horrors 2012! (Check out his blog here --> I'm pretty much a coward when it comes to things like this, and so I obviously wouldn't want to go alone and got some of my girlfriends to tag along. What is halloween without your bunch of awesome girlfriends?! We definitely had an awesome time together inside the "haunted" house.

Honestly, I don't watch horror flicks and have NEVER been a fan. But i didn't want to miss out on this opportunity furthermore it's halloween!! A little scare wouldn't kill, aye? We didn't get to take much photos, cause the dude kept chasing us saying we've been spending way too much time in a section and that zombies are going to be after us if we don't get moving to the next. 

It was an awesome night spent with my lovely girlfriends! Our first halloween scare together. We had fun poking fun at the zombies, annoying them and bring such a pain in the end. I bet we've left them with a huge impression instead. haha! And so, that's part 1 of my halloween for you guys! I'm already looking forward to halloween next year and i'm sure it's gonna be even better! (:

that's me with mr zombie! the first spotted after we entered.

The scoops of SCAPE's Museum of Horror 2012..


SCAPE's Museum of Horrors returns for a third installment, bigger and better in 4D. Enter a secret laboratory and uncover the truth behind the zombie uprising. Do you dare to face the onslaught on the undead?

You'll never know what destiny awaits you. Meet a different end each time you step into the Museum of Horrors.

Scape's Museum of Horror 2012 Trailer

2 Orchard Link
Warehouse (2nd Floor) 
Singapore 237978

SCAPE Hotline: 6521 6565


Till then!

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