Tuesday 1 January 2013

Talent Cafe: More then What it Looks

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Looking for a nice chill out place?
Looking for a place you could have small functions/gatherings/parties?

You shouldn't give this place a miss then!

 Talent Cafe 
What is it all about?

Talent Café is a 2 storey cafe/bistro conveniently located at the end of Tras Street and in the heart of Singapore CBD and financial hub. 

It is a place for talents and diners to share their creativity or spark new ideas, where stories are shared, formed and told, where networks are built, great ideas are born and a lasting relationships formed forever. The coming together of minds to spark off new ideas and movements, have been our true inspiration. 

Comprising of 5 distinct space, where each room has individual themes; singular but broad enough for a piece/s of work to stand out, the environment hopes to provoke thoughts and inspires an action. Diner gets to enjoy a unique dining experience with combination of creativity and movements, coupled with good food and array of beverages and desserts, it will be an environment that is cohesive for dinners and talents to come together, experience, collaborate, create, perform, brain storm ideas or discuss business plans, chill out while engaging in food drinks and conversation that perhaps lead to business deals and a start of partnership or relationship. Diners can let go and have fun, discover their hidden potentials or see the other side of their friends. 

NOT only does Talent Cafe allows professionals to gather, create and spark ideas it also has the flexibility of becoming a space for exhibitions, performing stage or to transcend and cater for corporate events, launches, small engagement or birthday parties, workshops! The possibilities are just endless and it can be a space that only your imagination can bring to life.

Talent cafe's food is served from a variety of selection of dishes from European Comfort and Japanese Fusion menu. Each dish is carefully created while prices are kept affordable and with careful consideration of the environment, health and demands. 

The European Comfort menu was created with mind of dinners to experience real comfort of European home cooked food which includes varied salads, pastas, oven baked or roasts and desserts. While the Japanese Fusion menu eclectic approach was to create special homemade sauce and broth to suit all palates while indulging the health conscious diners. Japanese menu varied from sushi, sashimi, makizushi, temaki, yakimono, agemono, teppanyaki and menrui. Some signature recommendation from both menus will be Thumbs-up Meatballs, Ginger Orange Chicken Sandwich, Pesto and Spicy Prawns Olio Pasta, Marakesh, Volcano Maki, Oishii Maki, Tori Terriyaki, Sake Belly & Gindara Shio Sumiyaki, Ebi Tempura, Tori Curry Udon, Talent Café & Spicy Ramen and Tori Katsu Curry Rice.

Talent Cafe also has a wide range of beverages for those who enjoy a drink or two to keep themselves happy and right spirited. Their bar boast array selection of wine, beers, signature and classic cocktails, mocktails, aperitifs and distilled spirits to coffee, tea and soft drinks. 

With Happy Hours promotions features beers and monthly signature cocktails which starts 5pm to 9pm DAILY. So be entertained by creative happenings and performances while chugging down a pint of ice cold beer or sipping a glass of Talent Cafe's signature cocktails, Apple Martini or Melon Mojito.

Well, talent cafe is more then what it looks. Doesn't it?


After dinner, what's next? Some tea/coffee along with yummy desserts yes?

Chance upon Talent Cafe once with my dad after dinner, but never had the chance to give it a try until that Saturday night.

It was a lovely saturday night after dinner at dad and mine, favourite Korean BBQ restaurant with mom, her friends and D (who came really late). It was a pretty random night, walking in ordering desserts along with different flavoured tea.

Talent Cafe manager, Paladin was really nice and kind to bring me on a tour round Talent Cafe. Telling me everything to clear my curiosity. Since it was an impromptu visit, I wasn't quite prepared. But thank goodness for cameras (I've learn to ALWAYS carry it around whenever I'm out). Well, as I've always said.. pictures tell a thousand words. Don't you agree?

I was always curious about Talent Cafe, wondering why are they called Talent Cafe. I initially thought, it's where talents would gather for performances and such. But it turns out Talent meant more then that. Talents refer to people who are talented in whichever area, from Cooking, Art, Painting, Performance, Drawing etc. It got me all interested, since i'm an Art major as well. (Well, not just arts but performing arts).

Besides it all, Talent Cafe has a simple design yet stylish and it gives you an artistic feel to the whole place. I love how the place is designed. It also gives a pretty cozy feel, a great place to bond and have gatherings with close friends with it's small capacity and space.

daddy & D checking out the menu

 green tea with red bean sponge cake

 oreo cheesecake

 apple crumble

tea I ordered.
Peppermint Rose (refreshing!)


White Room 
(the Blanche)

Purity and neutrality, evokes purification of thoughts or actions.
The beginning of all things.
Seats 20 pax
Suitable for dining or group gathering
No minimum spending required.

 off we go.. up the stairs

Red Room
(the Rouge)

 Increase enthusiasm and stimulate energy, encourage action and confidence.
A room for entertainment, let go and have fun and show off talent
Seats between 42 to 47 pax and 50 to 60 pax with standing.
Suitable for events, launches, workshop, classes, wedding, engagement or birthday party.
Minimum spending of SGD 1,000.00 for any booking exceeding 3 hours.

Purple Room 
(the Lila)

Uplifting, calming to mind and nerves, offers sense of spirituality, mystic and royal qualities.
A room where food, drinks and people come together to create energy and spark ideas.
- Seats between 8 to 10 pax.
Suitable for small group discussion, meetings, brain storming sessions and or workshop.
Minimum spending of SGD 300.00 for any booking exceeding 3 hours.

Blue Alfresco 
(the Azure)

Calming and sedate, seen as trustworthy, dependable & commited.
Outdoor chillax while engaging in food drinks and conversation
Seats 15 pax including mini bar
Suitable for dining and for those who enjoys sipping wine or cocktails under the stars
No minimum spending required.

(apologies, no photo image)

Yellow Room 
(the Giallo)

Optimism and mentality stimulating, sparks creative thoughts with a promise of a positive future.
A room for brain storming and business plans are discuss with ambience for 
Seats between 18 to 20 pax and 25 to 30 pax with standing.
Suitable for small gathering for engagement or birthday party with friends. Small group meet or discussion or chill out by the bar and discuss business or plans.
Minimum spending of SGD 500.00 for any booking exceeding 3 hours.


Talent Cafe

34 & 36 Tras Street
Singapore, Singapore 079026
Phone: 6536 7077
Email: info@talentcafe.asia 

Opening Hours:
Mon: 11:00 am - 11:45 pm
Thu: 11:00 am - 11:45 pm
Fri: 11:00 am - 2:00 am
Sat: 5:00 pm - 11:45 pm
Closed until Thursday 11:00 am - 11:45 pm

** Nearest MRT Tanjong Pagar ( 5 mins walk from Exit A )
Carpark available at Maxwell House 

For more information please log on to Talent Cafe's Facebook page: 

Till then.

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