Sunday 18 May 2014 Media Launch

Hi guys! It's been awhile and here I am back again to share something really interesting! Especially those of you who are fans of korean culture, style and fashion!


What does the logo stand for?
 It is pronounced as "Mi-In" in Korean.
美 IN Inner Beauty
美人 Beautiful People
美引 Leading Fashion Forward

Why Me-In?
Inspired by the "IT Girl", Me-In is borne from the desire to serve modern pragmatic women, therefore it helps modern women to achieve being aptly dressed for diverse circumstances and situations with whatever that may be. Shopping in Me-In is going to be a head-to-toe experience which is unique in it's own way!

"It isn't beauty, so to speak, nor good talk necessarily. It's just it." 
- Rudyard Kipling

Let's see who runs behind the scenes of Me-In.

 Hyejin KIM 
Creative Director 
Hyejin Kim has worked in the Korean online shopping mall industry for the past nine years. Her experience coincides with the initial rise in popularity of online shopping in Korea during the early 2000’s. During this period, Hyejin has worked as a freelance model with many of the largest and most popular Korean online brands. She has also worked as an assistant casting 
director for several popular Korean commercials. Finally, early in her career, Hyejin worked 
as an assistant stylist at one of the first Korean online shopping malls, where she learned 

 Song-yee GIL 
Song-yee Gil has six years of experience. Before her current role as Fashion Director at Me-In, she was a celebrity stylist in charge of the image for popular Korean actor, Ji-hoon Ju. She has previously worked in the online retail space including Eranzi, where she developed a Korean brand image targeted at Malaysian customers. In addition, Song-yee has significant experience working as a pioneer employee at a successful outlet, A-Round in the wholesale market 

Introducing the lovely sweet Models from Korea..
(the faces of launch)

Moving forward, let's check out latest launch.

Categorized into 3 different themes.

. W O R K.
(Launch 1 & 2)

Away with the "stuffy" office look..
Classic colors that offsets what would traditionally be considered a design that is too informal for the Korean workplace, while accompanying it with a jacket of modern cut adds a degree of sophistication. To tone down further, you can choose to match it with a pair of conservative pumps.

. P L A Y .
(Launch 1)

Look great without trying..
A common fashion that is overly focus on your primary attire (e.g: tops & bottoms), often resulting in the "trying too hard" vibe.

Mix and matching is the rage in Korea..
Items that don't always go together and creating a new and interesting look that expresses your a person's own individuality. The mix and matching techniques of Korea's "fashionastas", a group of well-dressed celebrities whose "street fashion" is at the cutting edge of the new Korean chic.

A mixture of trends in Korean Fashion..
A stylish person tends to take a step further and show their creativity through textures. With unbalanced designs showing up in an array of different popular looks, the skirt is an example of how unbalanced detail can add a special touch to what is an otherwise ordinary miniskirt.

. L O V E .
(Launch 1 & 2)

Dressing to impress your significant other..
Korean ladies would definitely skew towards the feminine look. Classic design such as the white collar shirt is a tried and true way of looking both sweet and sophisticated. For a girly route, top it off with a cute flower print skirt when going on a special date. The perfect outfit along with accessories like rings and bracelets to complete a truly feminine outfit.

Spring is in the air..
Yellow the colour at the moment. A warm, vibrant colour is just the thing to make a lovely impression. Even in Singapore without the traditional 4 seasons, having korean styles in your wardrobe as they change throughout the year can be pretty fun.

Men and dress..?
A dress that brings out the best of your lines, a definite must to had. Adding a classy touch, like wearing a jacket over the dress can unveil to add an exclamation point to your evening.

Finally, the day which everyone has been looking forward too after hearing getting to know a little more about Me-In. Time to meet the models in person! Whoo~hooo~
The bf was suppose to attend the event with me but due to some last min changes, guess who came instead as my partner for the evening?

p/s: apologies for the blurry photo. It feels pretty artistic, doesn't it? lol

Check out who else attended the event! (:

And.. Here comes the models from Korean (in person)!!

Had an enjoyable and awesome night, and last but not least. Thank you Belinda for this awesome invite! It's da bomb! (:

P/S: For more photos, it's on my FB page.

Till then.

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